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Watch some gameplay for crafting-and-combat adventure Crashlands

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Crashlands is jolly and cheerful. It's not terribly demanding, but it is good for a laugh.

It's a top-down map-exploration, combat-and-craft narrative adventure. You are a space traveler stranded on a strange planet with a robot sidekick. You gather things that are lying around. You harvest plants. You attack creatures via a simple combat mechanic (hit them and avoid their AOE patterns).

Each interaction gives you stuff which you use to craft weapons, tools, armor and aesthetic items. As you explore, you meet quirky quest-givers who make jokes and give you blueprints for new things to craft.

Based on four or five hours play, it's a cute, pretty game with bags of good humor. You can find out about Crashlands' interesting development story here. It's out for Windows PC, iOS and Android on Jan. 21.

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