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PewDiePie and friends launching entertainment network

The YouTube superstar moves into animation, gaming, charity and more

PewDiePie, Markiplier and other major names in the YouTube scene are joining together to launch Revelmode, a new entertainment network which will house exclusive content, Variety reports.

Felix Kjellberg, as PewDiePie is sometimes known, is heading up Revelmode in collaboration with Disney-owned Maker Studios, which currently sponsors the YouTuber's content. Together, they'll produce original series, animations and other web content, with the hopes to expand into music, fashion and philanthropy. There's also talk of moving into game development with the brand, too.

PewDiePie and Maker Studios will curate the talent that joins the Revelmode line-up. Many of the names already signed on — like Cutiepiemarzia, Jacksepticeye and Cinnamon Toast Ken — have worked with PewDiePie in the past, including on his recent debut game Legends of the Brofist, which featured their vocal work.

Revelmode has already begun to establish its presence online with a dedicated website, YouTube channelFacebook pageTwitter account and Instagram. There's no content on any of the platforms available yet, but you can check out the network's premiere trailer above.

PewDiePie is definitely keeping busy in 2016: He's also working on a new reality series, Scare PewDiePie, to air on YouTube Red sometime this year. Maker Studios is producing that project, as well.