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Take a look at PS Vita combat RPG Severed in action

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Severed is a touch-screen combat role-playing game for PlayStation Vita. It's being made by DrinkBox, best known for its 2013 combat game Guacamelee.

Severed is the story of Sasha, who wakes to find herself injured and missing her family. She enters a weird world to fight monsters and complete puzzles.

Players use their right or left hand to hold the Vita and a thumbstick or the directional pad to move. The player triggers attacks by swiping on the surface of the screen. Icons in the top right and top left of the screen show your character's health and a basic minimap.

Much of the combat is about timing and aiming sword swipes across the screen, while correctly parrying enemy hits. There are also power-ups and special spells. Each of Sasha's items of clothing can be improved by collecting enemy body parts and completing puzzle quests, so there's plenty of personal upgrade management involved.

According to DrinkBox, Severed is due out early this year.

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