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Oscar video shows what The Force Awakens looked like without special effects (update)

Although it's unlikely Star Wars: The Force Awakens will pick up an Oscar nomination for Best Picture tomorrow, the film is set to sweep the visual effects category.

In anticipation for the big announcement, Lucasfilm cut together a behind-the-scenes video of what certain scenes in the movie looked like before and after visual effects were added. It was published on the Oscar's official YouTube page.

One of the biggest takeaways from the video is just how big the blue and green screens were on set that the actors filmed against. In one particular scene, stormtroopers a part of the First Order can be seen running around a small village, followed closely by Kylo Ren as he tries to track down the map that will lead him to Luke Skywalker.

Although the scene looks incredible in the movie, it's the size of the blue screen used to create the world that's even more impressive. The actors running around in costume on set look like ants in comparison.

Other interesting scenes include seeing the puppeteer control BB-8, Adam Driver act out some of Kylo Ren's most memorable scenes without his helmet and seeing how the computer generated dogfights looked between the X-Wings before being brought into the movie.

The video comes in at just over 10 minutes, but it's a pretty interesting look at how a movie like Star Wars actually gets made.

The nominations for the 2016 Oscar awards will be announced tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. ET. Those interested in watching the announcements live can do so here.

Update: It appears that the Academy has pulled the video from YouTube.

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