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Mario Maker finally says hello to Daisy with new Mystery Mushroom costume

The princess makes her long-overdue debut

Nintendo is adding a new, long-awaited costume to Super Mario Maker players' closets: Princess Daisy. The company announced via Twitter that the tomboyish royal will make her overdue appearance in the game starting Jan. 15. You can watch her in action up top.

This is the second new Mystery Mushroom costume to launch this week, following the introduction of a little-known Mario character to the game. Nintendo introduced Yamamura, the avian star of the official webcomic Super Mario Maker Crash Course, as a new look for Mario just yesterday.

All the while, Daisy has had to sit on the sidelines, and some fans have called Nintendo out for ignoring her time and again.

When Nintendo of America revealed that Yamamura — whom most Nintendo fans had no clue existed — would be available in-game, Daisy die-hards lashed out.

Gamers have asked this question since the Wii U title hit the market. Back in November, a rumor even circulated that the princess would finally make her Mario Maker debut, which was ultimately debunked.

Daisy, Yamamura and other Mystery Mushroom outfits give Mario the opportunity to dress like other Nintendo characters — like Animal Crossing's Isabelle, The Legend of Zelda's Link and a number of Pokémon — as well as more bizarre looks, like an actual Mercedes Benz. (Yes, a Mercedes-Benz made it into Super Mario Maker before Princess Daisy did.)

Nintendo has been steadily updating and improving Super Mario Maker since its launch last September, adding a more intuitive search function alongside a plethora of costumes for the player to try on. As for why it took so long to invite Daisy to the Mario Maker festivities, well, the jury's still out.

This isn't the first Mario side project Daisy hasn't been invited to, of course: She's long been relegated to an alternate costume in the Nintendo-wide brawler Super Smash Bros., too.

Check out more Mario Maker costumes below.

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