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Netflix to shut down proxy and 'unblocker' services

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If you've been using a proxy service or Chrome extension to gain access to international Netflix servers, we've got some bad news.

The streaming service announced today that after being aware subscribers were doing this for months, it was finally ready to take action and shut the services down.

In a press release sent out Thursday, Netflix's vice president of content delivery architecture, David Fullagar, said that while the company hopes to eventually remove geographic restriction entirely in the future, that wasn't possible just yet.

As a result, he added, the team at Netflix has had to come up with new technology to detect different extensions and proxies being used by subscribers in order to shut them down effectively.

Fullagar said subscribers would start to notice the proxies and "unblockers" stop working in a couple of weeks. Still, he reiterated that he and the rest of the team at Netflix hope to work out the details with various content suppliers so regional streaming is no longer an issue.

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