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Watch us play Katana Zero: a gorgeous, stylish neo-noir Hotline Miami-like

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One of the most impressive games we saw at PAX Prime last year was Katana Zero, a gorgeous, ultra-stylish action side-scroller from Askiisoft. Tucked away in the crowded Adult Swim Games booth and manned by developer Justin Stander (likely best known for his 2009 Game Boy-palated platformer Tower of Heaven), the game immediately stood out for its gorgeous art style, super-unique 2D lighting effects and a strong sense of tuning and polish rare in most early demos.

Recently, we got to go hands-on with an updated version of the game. Above, watch as myself and Griffin explore the fast-paced combat, time manipulation mechanics and very clever real-time conversation system.

Katana Zero is due for release sometime in 2016. For more info, head to

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