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Hearthstone's co-op mode returns in a more challenging form

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We adored Hearthstone's first iteration of a cooperative boss fight when it was introduced late last year. Now after much begging and pleading, it's back, but in a slightly changed (and even more devious form).

In this week's co-op Tavern Brawl, players will still team up to take down Mechazod, and the evil robot will use most of the same abilities he did last time around. The key difference, though, is in the classes at play. Last time, players were given priest and paladin decks full of some incredible, buff-based combos. This time, we're handed mage and druid decks where spellpower and mana management is the key.

The result is a much harder fight, overall, but one that we still had a blast with. Check out the video of our multi-part encounter with Mechazod above, and then take a look at our YouTube playlist for more Hearthstone nonsense.

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