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Arrow, The Flash and more may be pulled from Netflix in new CW deal

Instead, CBS and Time Warner may be giving the network its own streaming service

CBS and Time Warner may be about to pull their CW shows from Netflix, making that Supernatural binge you've been putting off all the more important.

According to Bloomberg, both networks want to launch a streaming service for The CW, charging subscribers $2-4 a month. The service would give subscribers the option to watch shows live as well as having access to an archive of old episodes and seasons.

As it stands right now, Netflix owns the rights to past seasons of CW shows, like The Flash, Arrow and Jane the Virgin, while Hulu has the rights to current episodes.

Although removing the shows from Netflix would take away a potentially large, new audience, stand-alone streaming services for individual channels seems to be where Time Warner is headed in general.

HBO, which is a division of Time Warner, currently offers viewers the option to subscribe to its streaming service HBO Now for $14.99. With that, people get access to HBO programming like Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley as it airs, as well as sporting events and a back catalogue of old series.

CBS also offers a streaming stand-alone service for subscribers. CBS Access, which launched in October, is available for $5.99 a month and offers live coverage of both daytime and nighttime programming. Like HBO Now and the upcoming CW streaming service, it also offers subscribers the ability to watch an episode from any CBS show in its archive. The service will also start offering new content, including a new Stark Trek series which will be available exclusively online.

There's currently no word on when the CW's streaming service would launch, but the network's contract with Netflix is up pretty soon. As for Hulu, the streaming service hasn't said whether renewal talks were occurring between it, CBS and Time Warner at this time.

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