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The director of the Cloverfield sequel made a short film set in the world of Portal

Watch the six-minute movie below

Based on the mysterious trailer released last night, it looks like the sequel to Cloverfield is finally happening.

Although J.J. Abrams is still attached as an executive producer, the sequel has a new, fresh-faced director. This is the first feature-length project Dan Trachtenberg has worked on, and for the most part, his is a name that remains relatively unknown to most.

Trachtenberg, who was originally tapped for the adaptation of Y: The Last Man, isn't a stranger to the paranormal or genre cinema. One of his bigger projects was actually a live-action short film based in the world of Portal, Valve's celebrated puzzle game.

In the short film, a woman finds herself imprisoned in a solitary cell. Day in and day out food is brought to her and slid under her cell door, but she's never allowed to leave. In many ways, it's not dissimilar to the main character in Chan-wook Park's South Korean classic, Oldboy.

Eventually, she stumbles upon the Portal Gun and manages to fight her way out of captivity, but only to realize she was in a much more dire situation than previously thought. The entire short film is available to watch above and gives an interesting look into Trachtenberg's directorial style.

10 Cloverfield Lane is expected to be released on March 11.

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