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Klaus, a beautiful, stylish platformer, arrives on PlayStation 4 next week

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Don't feel bad if you've never heard of Klaus. This gorgeous little game is the first project from La Cosa Entertainment, a new team of fresh-faced game designers who are going to be well worth watching.

Polygon went hands-on with Klaus and captured some footage of it at last month's PlayStation Experience. It will be immediately clear in the video above how visually attractive the game is, but what's even better is how that inventiveness spreads to the actual level design.

In our 30 minutes with the game, we started in traditional platforming levels, but things got much more complex and interesting from there. We faced levels where we controlled two characters at once, levels where we had to manipulate the environment as the character moved on his own and levels that were glitched out messes (on purpose!) with reversed controls. In one memorable instance, we got to control a spinning death blade that had to avoid accidentally killing the main character instead of the other way around.

Klaus comes out on PlayStation 4 next Tuesday, Jan. 19. If you like what you see above, be sure to check it out.

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