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Mojang-published Cobalt set to launch Feb. 2

It's been five years since the game's original announcement

Cobalt will launch Feb. 2, Mojang has announced, meaning five years after it was first announced Mojang will finally publish its first third-party game.

The game will launch for Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and cost $19.99. Cobalt is a side-scrolling, spacefaring adventure by Oxeye Game Studio, and developers say its main campaign mode should offer eight hours of gameplay.

There will also be a survival mode, speed and combat challenges, and several multiplayer modes (including local and online). Cobalt will also have will have Steam Workshop support, allowing players to make their own levels.

Cobalt was delayed to February from late last year to give Oxeye more time to finish the game, though most of the four month wait was because of the publishing schedule on Xbox Live. Microsoft owns Mojang, having acquired it for the billion-dollar Minecraft franchise back in 2014.