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If Twin Peaks had been a PSone game, it would have been Mizzurna Falls

Not a Deadly Premonition demake, but pretty darn close

More episodes of Twin Peaks, David Lynch's unsettling take on small-town life, are tantalizingly close, but how to fill the time until then? You could play Deadly Premonition for the 10th time, sure, but if you'd like to see a game that arguably hews even closer to Twin Peaks, you're going to want to seek out Mizzurna Falls. The story of teenager Matthew and his hunt for missing friend Emma may not be a beat-for-beat clone of Lynch's series, but it's pretty darn close.

One problem: This PSone open-world adventure by Clock Tower developer Human Entertainment was never localized into English.

Leaping to the rescue is YouTuber ResidentEevee, who did a complete, 19-part playthrough of the game as she translated live. She completed the series in 2014, but it was only recently brought to my attention by Gone Home designer Steve Gaynor during an appearance on gaming podcast Idle Thumbs. Judging from the view counts on ResidentEevee's channel, plenty of you are unaware of the game, so consider this my humble attempt at service journalism.

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