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You can buy Luke's blaster, but it will cost you

Yes, the real one. That one.

In terms of Star Wars collectibles, it doesn't get much better: Luke Skywalker's blaster from Empire Strikes Back is being auctioned off, but you're going to have to dig deep in the piggy bank if you'd like to own it.

"The iconic gun is the same model used by Han Solo, a design based on the German issue Mauser C96 pistol and custom made by casting the original prop used in the first Star Wars," the auction's description states. "Gun retains its original flash suppressor and scope, though it does not (and never did) fire, making it the lighter model used in the movie for non-firing scenes."

You can see the detail of the prop in the listing's images:

Luke's blaster

The story of the prop is also rather interesting.

"Blaster was gifted to original owner by Hamill during an episode of Jim'll Fix It, a children's show on BBC Television," the listing states. "...Gun is in original 1980 filming condition and has some wear, including one glued section. Overall very good condition. With provenance from Sotheby's 18 March 1998 sale, as lot 48."

That's the good news. The bad news for collectors is the fact that bidding begins at $200,000 and, with Star Wars being a bit of a hot property right now, this is likely a seller's market for collectibles of this quality.

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