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Gamer beats Super Mario Galaxy — with a Dance Dance Revolution dancepad


Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Some guy beat Super Mario Galaxy using a Dance Dance Revolution dancepad.

I realize this is the second straight "some guy" lede I've written today, but you readers deserve plain-spoken facts and that's what they are right here. Some guy — aka YouTuber PeekingBoo — hooked up a full-blown Dance Dance Revolution carriage to his Wii (or something emulating this Wii game, anyway) and stomped his way through it all.

As an open-world game, gameplay estimates for Super Mario Galaxy vary but it's safe to say he was doing this for a few hours. The video above is the final six minutes, where Bowser finally gets a boot to the kisser. Perfect justice!

PeekingBoo has done other games with a DDR pad. His YouTube page promises "full-length GameStomp Replays" and he's done SplatoonShovel Knight and Portal 2 over the past five months.

It's fitting we're talking about this now, because Awesome Games Done Quick, the biennial marathon of rapid, weird and wacky playthroughs of beloved titles, gets its winter event going tomorrow. We'll have full coverage, including a livestream post, right here, and the weeklong extravaganza is sure to throw out numerous highlights and record-setting feats.

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