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CW premieres first look at Wonder Woman

During a half-hour special event for DC Comics upcoming superhero movies, director Kevin Smith debuted the first trailer for Wonder Woman.

Set in two different periods, including World War I, the movie stars Gal Gadot as the titular superheroine as she moves from Amazonian princess into the role she's known for today.

"Telling this story now is incredibly important," DC Comics' Geoff Johns said during the special. "She's a pivotal character in this universe."

Gadot added that what she loved about the character is that she can be kind and compassionate, but that doesn't take away from her as a superhero.

The movie, which is directed by Patty Jenkins, also stars Chris Pine as Wonder Woman's boyfriend, Steve Trevor, and Robin Wright in an unknown role.

Wonder Woman, which is a part of DC's new cinematic universe, is set to be released on June 23, 2017. A few months later, on Nov. 17, Wonder Woman will join her DC counterparts in the first Justice League movie.

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