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How The Deadly Tower of Monsters mixes hack-and-slashing with base jumping

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It's difficult to know where to start talking about The Deadly Tower of Monsters. It's a game with a lot of bizarre components — the whole thing takes place on the set of a 1950s Sci-Fi B-Movie, complete with stop-motion animated enemies and cheesy, ever-present director's commentary. It's a narrative-heavy hack-and-slasher, with less of a focus on character customization and more of an emphasis on Metroidvania-style gear gating. But its cleverest bulletpoint is how it handles the titular tower — a structure you'll scale, leap off and shoot downward from every few steps or so.

It's a hard concept to get down on paper, but you can watch Nick and me climb a few floors of The Deadly Tower of Monsters in the video posted above. The ACE Team-developed title is out now on PlayStation 4 and Windows.

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