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Netflix surpasses 75M subscribers

There's a whole lot of people that want to watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Netflix, still considered the go-to streaming service for most people, has officially gained more than 75 million subscribers.

According to a letter to investors from CEO Reed Hastings acquired by Variety, the service hit the 75 million subscriber mark on Jan. 1, and has continued to grow exponentially in its fourth quarter. Hastings said that by the end of 2015, they had just under 75 million subscribers, with 15 million of those subscribers being new to the service as of that year.

Netflix's numbers are only going to continue to grow with the expansion of regions subscribers could access the service in. Netflix announced earlier this month that it had expanded in 130 countries. On top of the 60 countries the service was already available in, Netflix has made its service available in 190 countries worldwide, including India and Russia.

On top of the move to expand their subscriber reach, the service also announced that it would be investing $6 billion into original programming entertainment and doubling the amount of original content it produced in 2015.

The next step for the company is to find a way to take down the regional restrictions that distributors have insisted the service use. For example, Netflix announced that it would finally be cracking down on illegal proxy and "unblocker" services so people in other countries couldn't use another region's service. Although this is the next form of action for the company, Netflix has reiterated time and time again that eventually it would like to do away with restrictions and make all of its programming available to everyone worldwide.

Most of Netflix's growth continues to come from international regions, so it only makes sense the company would want to benefit that market. This quarter, Netflix added 1.56 million subscribers, coming in under their target goal. It did, however, add 4 million international subscribers, which surpassed its goal of 3.5 million.

To see if Netflix is available in your region, check out the listings here.

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