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Welcome to Night Vale creators launching new podcast platform

It's about to get even stranger in podcast land

The creators behind the popular Welcome to Night Vale podcast are expanding their storytelling and launching a new podcast platform.

Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor told the New York Times that the new platform, Night Vale Presents, would continue to bring the kind of eerie, fictional storytelling fans of the podcast have come to love. The first new series to join Welcome to Night Vale on the platform, Alice Isn't Dead, will launch on March 8.

According to Fink, Alice Isn't Dead follows a truck driver as she goes from state to state trying to find her missing wife. The 10-episode series is entirely fictional, but Fink did admit that he got the idea after spending a great deal of time away from home to tour the country with the Welcome to Night Vale crew.

The duo also told the Times that much like Welcome to Night Vale, Alice Isn't Dead will get odd pretty quickly when the truck driver begins to encounter monstrous creatures and, of course, a much larger conspiracy than she ever expected.

Alice Isn't Dead may be the only podcast to join Welcome to Night Vale on the platform right now, but Fink and Cranor confirmed they would be rolling out a couple more series this year. Cranor added that he was currently working on a new podcast that he hoped to get out later this summer.

The Welcome to Night Vale podcast can be downloaded right now on iTunes or streamed on the site's YouTube channel.

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