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The Force Awakens' special effects are deconstructed in this brilliant documentary

It's more complicated than you assume

What does the Millenium Falcon look like? What shots of BB-8 were real, and which were computer-generated? How much of Star WarsThe Force Awakens actually exists, in some way, in real life?

I thought I knew the answers to most of these questions, but this brilliant, 26-minute look at the special effects of The Force Awakens helped to explain just how wrong I was.

The Force Awakens is a brilliant film, and the visuals were the work of many people having to make untold decisions about how something would look and how much detail would go into it. It's clear the world of effects is changing when someone notes that they considered whether someone would see a bolt due to walking up to it in virtual reality.

If you're curious about what went into The Force Awakens, and you want to see just how well modern practical and computer-generated effects can work together, this is a wonderful way to spend an hour.

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