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The Mummy reboot delayed to summer debut

The latest casualty of movie release schedule shifting

The Mummy, Universal Pictures' reboot of the popular action franchise, won't arrive in theaters until June 9, 2017 — nearly three months after initially planned, according to

Directed by Alex Kurtzman (co-writer of Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness), the film was set to premiere March 24, but has since been delayed. It will now move into the date currently occupied by sequels to World War Z and the Divergent series.

The slightly emptier March 24 date will see the release of just one major movie: Power Rangers.

Walt Disney Pictures announced several date changes for some of its 2017 movies just yesterday, including a nearly seven-month delay for Star Wars Episode VIII and a bumped up premiere for the next Pirates of the Caribbean. Those films will arrive Dec. 15 and May 26, respectively.

Not too much is known about the new Mummy film, which stars Tom Cruise. What has been teased, however, is that the titular monster might just be a woman this time around. The Mummy will also belong to a broader Marvel Cinematic Universe-esque set of movies that Universal has in the works, all based on its classic monsters.

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