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Watch Key and Peele try to rescue a kidnapped kitten in the first trailer for Keanu

It's just as crazy as it sounds

If you've ever wanted the comedy of Seven Psychopaths mixed in with the action of John Wick and the ridiculousness of Pineapple Express sprinkled on top, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have you covered.

The two sketch comics dropped the first trailer for their upcoming movie Keanu on Thursday, and with it, we finally have a little bit more context as to just what the movie's about.

In the trailer, Peele's character is devastated after his girlfriend breaks up with him, but seems to be on the mend when he takes in a lost kitten that he lovingly names Keanu. Just as things are beginning to look up, however, a group of gangsters break into his house and kidnap the kitten, sending him and his best friend (Key) on a ludicrous and violent journey to bring the kitten back.

The trailer makes a ton of references to past comedy and action films, including a particularly great homage to The Matrix.

Keanu also stars Will Forte, Luis Guzman and Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man. It's scheduled to hit theaters April 29.

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