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Cutscene: Polygon's entertainment podcast

No quicktime events, we promise.

Susana Polo is an entertainment editor at Polygon, specializing in pop culture and genre fare, with a primary expertise in comic books. Previously, she founded The Mary Sue.

Yesterday we introduced you to Backstory, a podcast of conversations about gaming, and now we're introducing something ... completely different. Cutscene is Polygon's very first podcast that isn't about video games at all.

This might seem like an odd move, but the facts are that we live in a culture where details about the setting of the new Star Wars trilogy can be revealed in a video game, where comic books are being turned into TV shows that air only on a console, and video games get major blockbuster movie adaptations. Cutscene will bring Polygon's writers and editors — and maybe even some guest stars — together to talk about what's relevant in entertainment every week, or just what's relevant to us. Whether it's television, movies or even comics, it's all game, so long as we're interested and have something to say about it.

This week: Hosts Julia Alexander and me, Susana Polo, talk with Ben Kuchera about the return of The X-Files to primetime television, how times have changed in the 20 years since it was the biggest show on television, what Ben thought of the first episode of the new miniseries and how it all ties in to 90s alt rock.

Also: Slender Man is demonstrably not real and conspiracy theories are not what they used to be.

If you enjoyed Dave Tach, Ben Kuchera, Charlie Hall and I talking about The Force Awakens on Minimap, you'll enjoy Cutscene. If you like comics explainers, you'll like Cutscene. If you like Julia Alexander and Allegra Frank deconstructing the way Degrassi: Next Class handled a season about cyberbullying and women in video game culture, you'll like Cutscene.

Links to subscribe to Polygon Cutscene in iTunes, your podcast player of choice or to download an MP3 are all a click away, tucked inside the buttons below this episode.

There are a bunch of ways to listen to Cutscene: you can subscribe to its RSS feed and plug it into your podcast player of choice. You can download the MP3 if you're into that pure experience. And you can subscribe to it on iTunes (and if you do, please like and review us there, it really helps)!

And while you're at it, take a look at Polygon's ever-expanding roster of podcasts, including BackstoryQuality Control and the award-winning Minimap. You just might find something you like.

For now, here's a little mood music while you download the very first episode of Cutscene: