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Canceled Saints Row PSP game uncovered by devs

To be followed by a livestream next week

Volition Software will show off Saints Row Undercover, the franchise's canceled PSP entry, in a stream on Jan. 28.

A teaser documentary about the trashed project grants a quick first look at the game, which was axed in 2009. Check it out above to see a tiny bit of PSP footage as the devs tell its backstory.

It was fairly far along in development, the designers reveal, but not quite polished enough to show off. Saints Row Undercover boasted a detailed open world and customization options, which the development team was excited about. Publisher THQ, however, didn't quite feel the same way.

You can watch the Saints Row Undercover stream on Volition's Twitch channel Jan. 28 at 2 p.m. PT to see the game for yourself. Volition Software hosts streams weekly on a variety of topics, including the Saints Row games or its other releases. The archives are available on its YouTube channel.