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Saturday Night Live's Star Wars outtakes should have made the final skit

'Your choice then, huh?'

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The last Saturday Night Live dropped Adam Driver back into character as Kylo Ren, snooping around Starkiller Base in an Undercover Boss sendup. SNL posted the outtakes from that sketch yesterday, and some are so good you wonder why they didn't make the cut.

The flip-out right at the beginning is great stuff, as is Leslie Jones' line about nepotism getting Ren his gig as a radar tech. You can also see how they rigged up Bobby Moynihan to get force-slammed into the drink machine. Much of the rest are flubs and cast members trying not to laugh, which for some reason makes everything funnier. Even divorce.

While we're on this subject, did anyone get The Force Awakens table set for Zen Pinball? I swear to God, whoever Zen got to do Kylo Ren's voice not only impersonated Adam Driver doing Kylo Ren, they impersonated Adam Driver doing Kylo Ren in this SNL spoof, with that kind of affected, socially inept monotone. It cracks me up whenever I play.

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