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Thor: Ragnarok director says it will be much funnier than The Dark World

If you were a fan of Thor: The Dark World but thought it could have used a bit more comedy, you're in luck.

Taika Watiti, director of the upcoming third Thor installment, Ragnarok, was promoting his new movie, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, at Sundance when he was asked about Thor by The Wrap. The director commented that Ragnarok was definitely going to be a much funnier Thor movie, and more akin to the first movie than the second.

"I'll just take the second Thor film and add some jokes to that," Watiti said.

Watiti's comments echo Marvel Studios president's Kevin Feige, who mentioned earlier that Ragnarok was going to be one of the funnier movies to join the Cinematic Universe.

Mark Ruffalo, who will reprise his role as the Hulk for the movie, has previously said that Ragnarok feels a lot like a road trip film between a couple of buddies.

With Watiti — best known for his satirical vampire movie What We Do in the Shadows — helming the project, Ragnarok could join movies like Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy as a more traditional comedy. This would be opposed to traditional superhero movies, like the Iron Man films, that happen to come with a healthy dose of comedy added to the dialogue.

Thor: Ragnarok will also see the return of Tom Hiddleston's Loki and it's rumored that Marvel will use the film to introduce audiences to Valkyrie.

Ragnarok hits theaters July 28, 2017.

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