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Classic David Bowie film Labyrinth is not being remade

Screenwriter Nicole Perlman clears up all the confusion

It's safe to say that when David Bowie's classic cult film, Labyrinth, was reportedly getting a remake, people lost their minds.

Many were upset over the idea that the studio was only remaking the film now to profit off of Bowie's death a couple of weeks ago.

Nicole Perlman, writer of the upcoming movie and best known for her work on Guardians of the Galaxytook to Twitter on Sunday to clear up some of the confusion.

"Guys, please don't fall for all the clickbait," Perlman wrote. "No one is remaking Labyrinth. That movie is perfect as is."

Perlman added that she and The Jim Henson Company started working on a continuation for the movie back in 2014, years before Bowie's death.

"I would never seek to profit from Bowie's death," she wrote.

Perlman didn't provide any details as to how the continuation would incorporate the original 1986 film, but there's a good possibility that the movie will focus on Toby, the brother Sara (Jennifer Connelly) was trying to save from Bowie's iconic Jareth the Goblin King.

The movie is currently in development, but there's no word on when it's expected to be released.

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