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Her Story dev working on a 'spiritual successor'

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But not a sequel

Sam Barlow, the designer of Polygon's Game of the Year 2015 Her Story, shared on Twitter earlier today that he was working on a follow-up to his murder mystery title.

Despite the project's working title suggesting a direct relationship to Her Story, Barlow confirmed to Polygon that his next game will be a standalone.

"It's I guess a spiritual successor," Barlow said in an email. "I.e. there is no story connection, but I hope it builds on what people liked about the first one!"

On Twitter, he suggested that it will feature full motion video-style live-action sequences similar to Her Story. He also revealed that the game is still early on in development, although he already has "ambitious plans" for it, he told us.

Watch below to find out why we liked Her Story as much as we did. You can also read our review of the iOS, Mac and Windows PC game, which launched in June 2015.