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Homefront: The Revolution's multiplayer beta kicks off Feb. 11 on Xbox One

Hit-and-run tactics will win the co-op missions against the occupying army

Failure is an option, according to the narrator of the latest trailer for Homefront: The Revolution. Standing toe-to-toe with a much larger occupying force is a good way to accomplish nothing, she reminds, so your mindset should be to hit and get the hell out.

"We fight, we fail and we fight again," she says. Keep that in mind when Homefront: The Revolution launches May 17 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

Additionally, the game's closed beta has been announced for Feb. 11 to Feb. 14, and it will run only on Xbox One. Two other "closed beta stress tests" will be conducted by invitation only this Friday and on Feb. 5, also only on Xbox One. Xbox One owners hoping to get in either can sign up at the game's official website.

The trailer above and six screenshots below are meant to highlight Homefront: The Revolution's multiplayer, a four-player co-operative game called "Resistance Mode." Friends will be able to form up a cell and engage in guerrilla missions in occupied Philadelphia. A news release said these missions will also fit into the game's larger narrative.

There will be 12 missions for Resistance Mode at launch, with another 20 planned for release over the next year. All of these missions will be released free, so that all players can join in them.

Homefront: The Revolution is one of our most-anticipated games for 2016, mainly for the intrigue surrounding the game's development and the creation of its developing studio, Dambuster Studios, which was spun off from Crytek's 2014 reorganization. Check out it and all of the other games we're looking forward to here.

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