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Great Detective Pikachu talks up a storm in debut trailer

Japan gets the game next week

Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Duo is arriving on Nintendo 3DS next week. The game is set to debut on the Japanese eShop Feb. 3, according to its debut trailer, which you can watch above.

Something immediately of note is that this version is Pikachu is quite unlike any seen before. Not only is Detective Pikachu a stylish supersleuth, but a chatty one, too.

It's hard to tell just yet how this game will play, or exactly how or why Pikachu ended up on this adventure. When the game was unveiled back in October of 2013, however, the primary antagonist was a rare blue version of the franchise favorite. That blue Pikachu isn't seen in the trailer, and it's not clear yet as to whether the story has changed in the two-and-a-half years since its initial reveal.

The website for Great Detective Pikachu reveals the character will be joined by a human partner, as Pokémon usually are; but it looks like Tim, its human companion, might serve as the sidekick this time around, letting the pocket monster take center stage.

There's no word on if this unique Pokémon title will make it overseas. It would be a fitting addition to the worldwide, yearlong 20th anniversary celebration that The Pokémon Company is throwing, however. That includes a 3DS re-release of the original Game Boy games on Feb. 27 as well as rare legendary Pokémon downloads throughout the year.

Just yesterday, the company debuted its Super Bowl commercial honoring the franchise. That will air in an edited cut on Feb. 7, but is available to watch online in full now.

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