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Evo 2016 lineup announced: Street Fighter 5 and Pokkén are in, Smash Bros. to return

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New games, some returning favorites and a huge venue

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This year's Evolution Championship Series — better known as Evo — will feature nine games as part of the main competition, including Capcom's soon-to-be-released Street Fighter 5 and an old fan-favorite, Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Melee. Evo co-founder Joey Cuellar announced Evo 2016's lineup tonight during a Twitch stream on Redbull's esports channel.

Cuellar spoke to the enduring passion for Melee and the high number of entrants for the GameCube game last year when discussing the game's return for Evo 2016. Interest in its current-generation sequel, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, was also high at last year's Evo, so it too will return.

This year's main tournament will also feature some games that are available in arcades, but not yet released on consoles: Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator and Pokkén Tournament.

Here's the full Evo 2016 lineup:

Evo 2016 will take place July 15-17 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year's event will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, with Sunday's finals taking over the 12,000-seat Mandalay Bay Events Center.

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