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The absurd trick to getting 12 cards in your hand in Hearthstone

This will probably never happen in a real game, but holy crap

Hearthstone is a game where the strategies and rules shift with each new expansion set that's released, but at least one restriction has stayed constant: You can only have 10 cards in your hand at one time. Unless, that is, you discover this one completely bizarre workaround.

YouTube user Disguised Toast lays out and explains the method for getting 12 cards in your hand at once in the video above. It's a byzantine formula that requires cards such as Anub'arak, Knife Juggler, Shadow Madness and Violet Teacher, each played in the perfect order with the correct debuffs.

Everything needs to come together so perfectly to pull this off that you can all but guarantee that it will never happen in a real game setting. Still, it's wild to know that it can happen at all and that Hearthstone has the capability for hands greater than 10 cards. Perhaps we'll see that come into play in a future Tavern Brawl or a single-player Adventure.

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