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Fire Emblem Fates DLC maps launching weekly, first one free

Kicks off Feb. 19

Fire Emblem Fates' first map pack will include eleven episodes, which Nintendo will release on a near-weekly basis. According to the game's recently opened official website, North American players will have access to a variety of free and paid downloadable maps, with the first to launch alongside the game on Feb. 19.

Following the arrival of the free DLC chapter "Before Awakening" on the Nintendo 3DS game's launch day, new maps will cost between anywhere from $1.99 to $4.49. The schedule sees one episode hitting the Nintendo eShop a week, with one exception of two episodes on March 3, followed by a two-week break.

The last of the episodes will launch on April 21, and the full pack is available for a discounted price of $17.99, as previously announced.

The majority of these offer up new items or more experience as rewards, but April 7's DLC, "Anna on the Run," will add the classic franchise character to your party after your first time through it. Another Anna-based event on April 14 will give all players a free item.

Find the full release schedule below. Fire Emblem Fates will arrive Feb. 19 in two versions, Birthright and Conquest, with a third available as a full DLC chapter. While players can test all three versions on American shores, Nintendo has confirmed that it's removed certain features like "petting" and a scene involving "drugging" from the localized game.

  • Feb. 19: Before Awakening (free)
  • Feb. 25: Boo Camp ($2.49) and Beach Brawl ($2.49)
  • March 3: Ghostly Gold ($2.49) and Museum Melee ($2.49)
  • March 17: Royal Royale ($2.49)
  • March 24: Hidden Truths I and II ($4.49)
  • March 31: Vanguard Dawn ($1.99)
  • April 7: Anna on the Run ($1.99)
  • April 14: Ballistician Blitz ($1.99) and A Gift from Anna (free)
  • April 21: Witches' Trial ($1.99)
Get a taste of the Birthright version of Fates in our look at the game below.

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