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DeLorean Company set to produce 300 replica Back to the Future cars

This is your chance to be Marty McFly

If you ever wanted a DeLorean like the iconic DMC-12 version used in Back to the Future, this may be your shot.

DeLorean CEO Stephen Wynne told local Houston news station KPRC, that they had received approval from the federal government to go ahead and start production on the car again. There was, however, a catch.

According to Wynne, the only way they could produce the car was under the low-volume manufacturing bill. The bill states that Wynne and his team at DeLorean couldn't mass produce the replica vehicles, meaning it's first come, first served for the limited release.

Wynne told the station that he believed he had enough material to make approximately 300 cars and would like to eventually speed up the manufacturing process from one car a month to a car a week.

A refurbished version of the DMC-12 will set potential buyers back anywhere between $45,000 and $55,000 while a new model will cost just under $100,000.

Wynne confirmed that he has no desire to change the appearance of the car whatsoever. Those thinking of purchasing a model will receive the car exactly as it was designed back in '80s, including the gull-wings that helped make it feel so futuristic at the time.

Production on the cars is set to start as soon as possible, but Wynne said that he hopes to get the first car out by 2017.

Back to the Future recently had a celebration and to commemorate it, various companies released products that the movie had predicted would exist by 2015. Nike, for example, developed a pair of self-lacing shoes that Michael J. Fox's Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future Part 2.

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