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Netflix announces Stretch Armstrong series

Will also bring two new kids shows to the service

Netflix is working on three new kids shows, including a modern take on Stretch Armstrong, the streaming service announced today.

The show is being created in partnership with Hasbro Studios and is based on the popular action figure of the same name released by toy company Kenner in 1976. In the show, teenager Jake Armstrong and his friends find themselves exposed to an "experimental chemical" that transforms them into Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters, according to a press release.

The 26-episode series will follow Armstrong and the Flex Fighters as they learn to harness their super powers and tackle issues in their own community.

Stretch Armstrong marks the first time that Hasbro Studios will be developing an original series for Netflix. The episodes should be available to subscribers in late 2017.

Alongside Stretch Armstrong, Netflix announced that The Greenhouse and Lalaloopsy would also join the service's roster of children's entertainment.

The Greenhouse follows two groups of rival students at an elite boarding school in Southern California that must join forces when an evil presence begins to cause a disturbance. Lalaloopsy, on the other hand, is an animated musical series that follows the "misadventures of six friends and their pets through a whimsical world."

The Greenhouse is set to debut sometime in 2017, while Lalaloopsy will land on Netflix this fall. The company announced last year that it was going to be doubling the amount of original content it was providing to subscribers in 2016 and was looking to invest $6 billion in programming.