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The Division's season pass takes you into NYC's underground

Three expansions detailed

Tom Clancy's The Division will offer three expansions with its season pass, Ubisoft confirmed in a press release. While the company didn't set release dates for the post-launch downloadable content, it did offer new details on what each expansion will include.

The first, "Underground," will give players the chance to check out New York City's "underworld." Which borough this pertains to is unclear; the development team recently confirmed that The Division would take place primarily in Manhattan at launch, despite an early trailer showing off Brooklyn in-game, too.

"Underground" focuses on four-player co-op, and is followed by "Survival," which tasks players to survive, appropriately. Fewer details are available regarding that or the final expansion, "Last Stand."

Season pass buyers will also receive exclusive items with their purchase, including the sawed-off shotgun at launch. Monthly updates will follow, as will free updates to all players regardless of season pass ownership. The free updates will add new game modes to The Division.

The Division's beta began today on Xbox One after a long delay; it will launch on PlayStation 4 and PC tomorrow. An alpha ran back in December, and gameplay footage leaked from the campaign was quickly pulled from YouTube. The game itself, though originally scheduled for 2015, will arrive on all three platforms March 8.

For more, check out the game in action back at E3 2015.