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Barbie's getting a new look and a new job — as a game developer

Barbie celebrates female game developers

Toy manufacturer Mattel unveiled a major revamp of its Barbie doll line today that will hit shelves this year. Among the new dolls revealed as part of Barbie's 2016 offerings is one dedicated to her chosen career of the year: game developer.

barbie game developer

The Game Developer Career of the Year Barbie doll, seen above, will arrive in stores this summer. It's one of several notable additions to the plastic phenom's professional oeuvre trickling out this year. There aren't many details yet about what the Game Developer Barbie comes with, but from the first image of her alone, it looks like she spends most of her time on the PC.

This isn't Barbie's first attempt at entering the game industry, however. In 2014, a book featuring the character's life as a computer programmer was pulled after reviewers called its content sexist.

Mattel selects a different special career for Barbie each year, with past years letting the doll try her hand at directing and entrepreneurial efforts. These dolls are meant as a celebration of the highlighted profession, with a particular interest in reminding girls that they "can be anything."

"You Can Be Anything" is in fact the slogan for the classic Barbie doll's "evolution." Not only does Barbie have a selection of new careers, but her original silhouette is now joined by three other body types. The curvy, tall and petite Barbies come in a variety of different looks and outfits, all of which will roll out over the course of the year.

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