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Canceled Saints Row: Undercover now available as free download

PSP game has been uncovered

Volition Software has now made its previously canceled PSP game Saints Row: Undercover available to download for free.

The developer showed off the title on a livestream yesterday, during which it dropped a link to download the prototype. The ISO file is hosted by gaming archival site Unseen64, which claims that Volition gave it hosting privileges of the download.

Saints Row: Undercover works with any PSP emulator, and is fully playable, according to Unseen64. Despite this, the game itself is unfinished, although Volition confirmed it made it far into development prior to publisher THQ axing it.

A glimpse of the unreleased Saints Row title was first seen in a documentary short on Volition's YouTube channel last week. In that video, the development team spoke of the PSP game's impressive open world with an enthusiasm that its publisher didn't quite share.

For more on the newly recovered Saints Row: Undercover, you can check out a series of design documents that Volition shared alongside yesterday's stream. A 122-page PDF goes in-depth into the proposed features, story and mechanics of the title, while the slightly skimpier walkthrough has screenshots and notes on its various missions.

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