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Here's why Star Wars Battlefront content is sticking with the original trilogy

EA values the Star Wars canon

Star Wars Battlefront will only include content based on the original trilogy, in the interest of preserving the franchise's canon, according to EA.

"You can't make a game in Star Wars that violates the canon of Star Wars," said EA chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen during a quarterly earnings call yesterday, according to a transcript from Seeking Alpha. Since Battlefront is explicitly set during the era of the original trilogy, adding events from films set earlier or later than Episodes 4 through 7 would be unfaithful to the franchise, he explained.

EA is open to including these characters and stories in future Star Wars games, Jorgensen went on to say.

Ea confirmed that Battlefront itself wouldn't include The Force Awakens back in December. However, this marks the first confirmation that EA will also leave the prequel trilogy out of ​Battlefront​'s upcoming expansion packs.

The interest in abiding by the Star Wars franchise's canon speaks to the major reset it received prior to The Force Awakens' premiere. Its deep, complicated expanded universe of stories was largely thrown out, with a new status quo derived from the existing movies instead. Going forward, Lucasfilm announced, the expanded universe and cinematic universe are considered two separate canons; future films will not be based upon expanded Star Wars lore.

EA detailed what it will be adding to Battlefront throughout the year earlier this week. The company also released new, free content available to all players this Wednesday, following the expansion details announcement.

Check out Battlefront in action below, and read our review for more on the game.

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