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Great Detective Pikachu loves coffee and cute girls

More details from the Pokémon spinoff emerge

The official website for Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Duo has new details on the Nintendo 3DS eShop-exclusive. New screenshots and updated character bios reveal how this downloadable title will play, but more importantly sheds light on the mysterious titular Pokemon.

According to a translation by Gematsu, Detective Pikachu is both bossy and shy. While it's comfortable giving orders to human sidekick Tim — whom the player controls — it has trouble asking out women, and prefers to have the boy do it for him. Pikachu's other interests include visiting cafes and, of course, solving mysteries.

detective pikachu

As Tim, Great Detective Pikachu players gather evidence on various cases. This is done by pointing and clicking around town, while Tim communicates with humans and Pikachu with other Pokemon for more information.

The game also features quick-time events, in which Pikachu and Tim must work in tandem within a time limit. Gematsu notes, however, that failing these will not impact the story.

While it's slightly disappointing that players won't get to inhabit the Sherlock-style Pikachu themselves, that does little to distract from the delightfully bizarre game, which The Pokémon Company officially revealed earlier this week.

Great Detective Pikachu launches in Japan on Feb. 3, but an overseas release isn't yet on the schedule.

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