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Watch 7 minutes of co-op gameplay from Homefront: The Revolution

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Recently, we got a chance to go hands on with Homefront: The Revolution's 'Resistance Mode' — basically, Homefront's word for the game's bespoke cooperative Destiny-style strike missions for up to 4 players.

In the above mission, "Infiltration," players are tasked with raiding an enemy outpost, stealing some food and ammo, and then escorting a few stolen trucks from the station to safety. Above, take a look at the cooperative revival and ammo-scavenging mechanics, some light weapon customization (this is a CryENGINE game, after all), and the huge, wide open environments riddled with enterable buildings that seem to be a major part of what could set this game apart.

Homefront: The Revolution launches May 17. In the meantime, there are multiple closed betas taking place throughout February on the Xbox One.