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Scalebound delayed to 2017

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Platinum Games had set holiday 2016 as the action RPG's launch window

Scalebound, the Xbox One-exclusive action role-playing game coming from Platinum Games, will be delayed into 2017, the studio said this morning. It had targeted a holiday 2016 launch.

"In order to deliver on our ambitious vision and ensure that Scalebound lives up to expectations, we will be launching the game in 2017," the studio said. "This will give us the time needed to bring to life all the innovative features and thrilling gameplay experiences that we have planned."

In Scalebound, players will fight alongside a giant dragon against other large monsters, but Platinum Games has kept its intentions for the game close to its vest. Game director Hideki Kamiya was vague about it in an interview from Tokyo Game Show 2014, and the game skipped E3 2015 altogether.

The most recent news on Scalebound was this video from Gamescom which set the holiday 2016 window and showed off four-player cooperative multiplayer.