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Piracy group apologizes for leaking The Hateful Eight, praises 'wonderful' movie

The pirates who leaked The Hateful Eight online have apologized for doing so, even thanking director Quentin Tarantino for his "wonderful" movie.

In a statement to TorrentFreak, Hive-CM8, one of the largest and most notorious piracy groups said they were wrong to leak the movie before it hit theaters and said they didn't realize it would get "that popular that quickly."

Despite their apology, Hive-CM8 said they created hype for the movie because of the news surrounding the leak. They argued that because they leaked the film online and that got the attention of various publications, Tarantino's eighth film received plenty of free advertising. The group said they doubted the film or its producers would lose any money.

"The Hateful Eight is an excellent, thrilling and entertaining Western that combines terrific direction, a fantastic cast, a wonderful script, beautiful photography and a memorable score," the statement reads. "All of those elements make The Hateful Eight an unforgettable film that is Quentin Tarantino at his best."

Hive-CM8 called it a learning experience and said they wouldn't leak a film again ahead of its theatrical release, but they would continue to post films once they do premiere in theaters.

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