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Fallout 3 speedrunner beats the game in less than 15 minutes

The Roger Bannister of the wasteland

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

A speedrunner has broken the 15-minute threshold for completing the main story of Fallout 3. You can watch the whole thing above. It's mindbending, and it's not even part of the Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 festivities going on right now, either.

This run, done in 14:54.71 by YouTuber Rydou, beats the former world record of 15 minutes flat by Petite_Miku, set Dec. 28, 2015. Yes, it is a fully glitched run, but that's fair game in what is speedrunning's all-comers division. Just get to the end of the game as fast as possible, no holds barred.

Quicksaving and reloading — which is what you see when the game fades in and out during dialogue sequences — also allows players to clip through certain solid structures for a brief period. (Quicksaving and reloading also can lock up the game, making this part also a matter of timing, skill, and luck. Particularly when going through a sequence with a lot of dialogue, like the birthday party in Vault 101.)

Another big boost to Rydou's run is when he intentionally cripples himself after leaving the vault. Rydou explains it in his YouTube remarks, but the gist is that quickloading right before the character is crippled can confuse the game into giving a player a 60 percent boost in walking/running speed.

"This time can still be improved, even if my raven rock was godly, my vault 87 was pretty awful, so I would like to get a sub 14:50," Rydou writes.

If you're wondering what the marks are for other Fallout games, Sweden's Kungkobra set a record just three days ago with a 20:33, any-percent completion of Fallout: New VegasFallout 4's current best is 1:07:28 (loading times not counted), a mark set Dec. 16 by Canadian NegaPhil. Video of both is below.

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