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Michael Bay will return to direct Transformers 5

He's gonna disguise some robots yet again

Michael Bay will direct Transformers 5, which will hit theaters in 2017. The action movie mega-producer confirmed his involvement with the latest robot beat-'em-up blockbuster in a Rolling Stone profile, which the magazine published online today.

This is par for the course for Bay, who's directed the previous four installments of the Transformers film franchise. He did add, however, that he intends for this to be his final outing with the series.

"It's time to move on," he told Rolling Stone. "One more."

Whether or not that holds true, the movies have begun to shake things up in recent years; 2014's Transformers: Age of Extinction dumped series star Shia Labeouf in favor of Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg will return alongside Bay for the currently untitled fifth edition.

Another major change for the franchise is happening internally. Joining Wahlberg and Bay is Robert Kirkman, better known as the creator of The Walking Dead. He'll join the cohort of writers now working on a unified Transformers movie universe going forward; not only is there a Transformers 5 planned, but producer Hasbro Studios announced in October that there will be at least eight films total in the series, including an animated origin story.

For those who prefer the comparatively quaint toy and animated versions of the transforming robots from Cybertron, take heart: Hasbro is working on creating a unified toy, comic and video game line to tell their own major story.

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