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New Guillermo del Toro show headed to Netflix

DreamWorks Animation and Netflix are teaming up for a ton of new content.

Netflix and DreamWorks Animation announced today that they were expanding their partnership, giving the streaming service full access to the studio's entire catalogue of feature films.

As part of the deal, Netflix also announced that it would be launching a couple of new series in partnership with DreamWorks Animation, including a show called Trollhunters from director Guillermo del Toro and a remake of Voltron.

Trollhunters will follow two best friends who make an unsettling discovery about what lies underneath their hometown. Although del Toro is known for his mature, fantastical work, it looks like this series will be targeted at a younger audience.

The companies also announced that a few new series based on existing property owned by DreamWorks Animation would be in development exclusively for Netflix. According to a press release supplied by the streaming service, these series will be based on existing and new animated feature films the studio has worked on.

Neither company announced what those properties may be other than Voltron, but considering the size of the studio's back catalogue, it could be anything from a new Shrek series to Madagascar to Kung-Fu Panda.

There are currently no estimated dates for when the new series will hit the streaming service, but it will be sometime this year.

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