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New season of The Venture Bros. to premiere this month

Back in October, Adult Swim announced that The Venture Bros. would be returning for a sixth season, promising longtime fans of the show that early episodes would start trickling out slowly in the new year.

Now, the network has confirmed that the first of eight new episodes will premiere on Jan. 31 at midnight. The season six premiere will mark the first new episode of The Venture Bros. since the season five finale in 2013.

Although there's no new information about what people should expect to see in the new series, according to the release published on The A.V. Club's website, Adult Swim did release a video that does provide a few more details.

While two years may seem like a long time to wait for a new season, The Venture Bros. have a history of delaying releases and taking longer than normal break periods.

But considering it has been off the air for two years, here's everything that happened by the end of the fifth season.