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Amplitude's gimmick-free rhythm gameplay is still a blast, over a decade later

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The PlayStation 2 rhythm game Frequency, and its sequel Amplitude, might have looked flashy as all-get-out, but both titles were surprisingly streamlined titles. That's what made me get super addicted to them over a decade ago: It's just you, a song, its musical components, three buttons and a handful of power-ups. Learning the art of chaining combos together was a hugely rewarding experience, and it's something that has apparently been waiting dormant in the recesses of my mind for the past 11 years, because playing Harmonix's new PlayStation 3 and 4 reboot of Amplitude feels as natural as falling off a neon-tinted log.

You can watch Justin and I play a bit of Harmonix's Kickstarted Amplitude reboot in the video above. We also do some reminiscing of the tunes from the franchise's past — we're hoping "Baseline" pops up as a super secret hidden unlockable in this new installment.