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Fan of the X-Men animated series from the '90s develops new web show based on it

Later this month, one Canadian animator is set to release an X-Men web series that is sure to get the nostalgia senses tingling. X-Men: Danger Room Protocols is an upcoming 18-episode series based on the popular animated X-Men from the '90s.

Created by fan Joel Furtado, the series will pit teams of various X-Men characters against notorious Marvel villains in the infamous Danger Room.

Designed by Professor Charles Xavier after he opened his school for the extraordinarily gifted, the Danger Room was located in the off-limits section of the mansion where students and teachers resided in the comics. The idea was to fill the room with as many treacherous objects as possible and allow mutants to learn how to control and use their powers to the best of their abilities.

In Danger Room Protocols, each episode will focus on a battle that takes place in this room. The animation style is similar to that of the '90s series, but with a little bit of a grainier image to make it look more like a video game.

The first episode of the series, "Survival," will focus on Jean Grey and Wolverine. The two are trapped in the Danger Room, according to Furtado, and must figure out how to survive the barrage of attacks being sent their way.

The series is set to debut on Jan. 19 and every episode will be available to watch for free on Furtado's YouTube channel. In the meantime, watch the opening credits for the show above.

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