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Polygon let me make my own amiibo review show and here it is

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I'm fortunate enough to have many passions in my life, but none of them measure up to my appreciation for Nintendo's new "amiibo" line of products. Here is the first of many fun facts you will learn on my new video series, Griffin's amiibo Corner: The word "amiibo" is a Japanese term that loosely translates to English as "living toy." Here is another fun fact: My favorite amiibo is Pikachu but I've never been able to find him in a store or an online store. That fact may be fun, but it is also sad.

In Griffin's amiibo Corner, I try to provide a holistic review of these wonderful toys. This episode is about Mario, who you probably know from his classic games for NES and SNES, like Mario is Missing. Please like and subscribe.

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